Welcome to Madison Pet Clinic!  Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for the pets of our community. We wish to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and existing patients.

601 North Sherman Avenue
Madison, WI  53704
(608) 249.2822

Prevention, early detection and intervention of disease is meant to prolong our pet's lives and increase their quality of life. All pets, whether indoor or outdoor, need to be protected from life threatening diseases through regular examinations and vaccinations. Additionally, as our pets enter their senior years (7 years of age and older) they become prone to metabolic disorders that can be detected through blood and urine tests. Please ask one of our veterinarians about their recommendations for preventive care through regular vaccinations, fecal testing, senior health tests, prevention of heartworm disease and blood testing for leukemia and contagious diseases from ticks.


This fall we are offering a special package price to include a senior health evaluation with Dr. Noeldner or Dr. Stehr and a full screening package.  Call us at (608)249.2822 to inquire and schedule your cats appointment.



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